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As Night Comes


Troubled 17-year-old Sean Holloway falls in with a group of teenage outcasts called ‘The Misfits,’ whose charismatic leader, Ricky, takes him under his wing. But as Sean becomes more and more entangled in the gang’s anarchist ways, things begin to spiral out of control, and Sean realizes Ricky is a ticking time bomb on a rampage of revenge. AS NIGHT COMES, everything explodes…

Completed 2014
Genre Teen High School Coming of Age Thriller
Director Richard Zelniker
Writers Richard Zelniker and Ryan Koehn
Producers Richard Zelniker, Chris Monte, Jesse Kove, Mark Mannschreck


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Audience Reactions

Just returned from a distributor screening of the new film: AS NIGHT COMES, at Technicolor.Disturbing, uncomfortable, and uplifting all at the same time.There is no “protagonist” anywhere among this great young cast that features Luke Baines as the deeply dysfunctional leader of a group dubbed “The Misfits” and Myko Olivier as the Misfits’ apparent “odd-man out.” … Read More

Steven J. Roy

With its nod to Clockwork Orange, AS NIGHT COMES, directed by Richard Zelniker, avoids every cliche and cheap trick, instead forcing us inside the pain, fear and excruciating confusion that lives inside so many people today. It doesn’t look “at” a social issue and offer a glossy solution. It demands that we feel the desperation of its trapped protagonists. Who is the hero and who is the villain? … Read More

Eden Bernardy

Richard, congrats on a film of great social significance as well as entertainment. The sign of a great movie is how it can influence your thinking well after seeing it. I reflect on my own high school days and I even reached out to some old friends and re-socialized. Privilege being part of your film. It’s not just a movie. It’s a lesson in life and a tool to mend past mistakes! … Read More

Steve Crest

Richard Zelniker’s latest indie-flick AS NIGHT COMES is a tale about a troubled teen (Myko Olivier) who gets in over his head with a group of social outcasts whose petty crime pranks escalate into a nightmare of disturbing violence. Zelniker’s solid direction gave the movie a very gritty and fluid feel and Olivier handled the complex lead role well and has great potential. … Read More

Dan Bronzite


Cast & Crew

Richard Zelniker

Richard-ZelnikerNative of Montreal, Richard Zelniker first became inspired by the movies when working at a neighborhood cinema as a teenager. An industry veteran, Zelniker’s body of work to date includes, A TEST OF WILL, an acclaimed short that he wrote and directed, and his award winning feature debut, FIX (aka MENAGE A TROIS). A former William Morris client for more than a decade, Zelniker made a name for himself script doctoring, developing and packaging film projects such as VINYL, BRIGHT MIDNIGHT and LOVE HER MADLY. AS NIGHT COMES marks Zelniker’s second feature as a director. Zelniker’s next project is a follow-up high-school thriller titled BFF which is scheduled to shoot early Spring 2015.

Chris Monte

Chris-MonteChris Monte’s award-winning background spans several years of producing and editorial experience including the Humanitas Prize winner, WHERE GOD LEFT HIS SHOES, starring John Leguizamo from Sal Stabile and THE RETURN OF JOE RICH, starring Armand Assante.

Monte also owns Magic Hair Studios, a post-production editorial and finishing facility in the heart of Hollywood.

Monte has now joined forces with filmmaker Richard Zelniker to form production company Illuminate Pictures, LLC. Illuminate’s next project is a follow-up high-school thriller titled BFF which is scheduled to shoot early spring 2015.

Ryan Koehn

Ryan-KoehnAt 16 years of age, Ryan Koehn co-wrote his first screenplay along with gifted filmmaker and mentor, Richard Zelniker and AS NIGHT COMES was born.

After high school, Koehn continued to study screenwriting at U.C. Berkley, and is currently a MFA student at the prestigious USC School of Cinematic Art at the University of Southern California Los Angeles.

Mark Mannschreck

Mark-MannschreckMark Mannschreck is making the move back to his passion, Narrative Film. In addition to AS NIGHT COMES, Mark recently completed five short films: BARACKULA: THE MUSICAL, AMONGST FRIENDS, BECOMING, SOMEBODY, GRACE, and SOLIDARITY starring Elpidia Carrillo.

Mark also was DP Special Effects for Christopher Cain’s PURE COUNTRY 2, and lensed Eric Balfour and Lindsay Pulsipher in one of the five short stories that make up the feature film DO NOT DISTURB.

As a DP, Mark is known for his work on high-profile commercial projects and for lensing music videos and concert films for some of today’s top recording artists.

Jesse Kove

jesse-koveBorn in Los Angeles into a film, television and theatrical family, Jesse Kove has dreamed of a career in the entertainment industry from a very young age.

A versatile talent, Jesse recently co-produced and co-stared in AS NIGHT COMES, making Jesse’s goal of working in all facets of film coming true today.

In 2010 he starred in Alloy Entertainment’s episodic show FIRST DAY, and went on to star in the upcoming thriller BUNYAN.

His supporting roles include such films as the 2013’s MIND’S EYE and TODD LUCAS: SINGER/SONGWRITER.

Luke Baines

luke-bainesLuke Baines is an English-born, Australian actor, writer and model.

In 2014, he appeared in Gold Circle Films’ The Possession of Michael King, in Richard Zelniker’s As Night Comes and in Mark Webber’s The Ever After, with Melissa Leo and Teresa Palmer. Early next year, he will commence principal photography on In Repair – a film he wrote and will star in.

Luke’s other highlights include: Network Ten’s The Cooks, Footloose the Musical, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and performances at the Sydney Opera House. He has also appeared in advertisements for brands such as Clearasil and American Eagle, and in editorials for fashion companies American Rag, Roark Collective, Chapter and Chambers.

Myko Olivier

myko-olivierMyko Olivier appears regularly on ABC’s hit TV series CASTLE and is a regular on the new season of GLEE. Myko attended the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University where he earned his B.F.A in Drama. Having experienced much commercial and television success since moving to Los Angeles, Myko will next be starring in the feature film ETERNITY, THE MOVIE, which is getting a limited theatrical release in the fall of 2014.

Evanne Friedmann

evanne-friedmannEvanne Friedmann plays the lead female role, Sarah, in the indie feature AS NIGHT COMES, written & directed by Richard Zelniker. Evanne most recently guest starred on iCarly on the Disney Channel.

Friedmann holds the distinguished honor of having been named the 2010 Tournament of Roses’ Rose Queen. In her years reign as Ambassador, she appeared at over 160 events, including an appearance at the Ronald Reagan Centennial alongside The Jonas Brothers. A major beauty, Friedmann has modeled for companies including Mattel, Kellogg’s, and American Girl.

Stacia Hitt

stacia-hittBorn in Atlanta, Georgia, Stacia Hitt grew into a film career that began at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts – Society of American Fight Directors program. She appeared in her first short (Hell Night) in 2012, then went on to graduate with a BFA from the California Institute of the Arts in 2013. The talented actress has been busy ever since.

Besides her role in Richard Zelniker’s AS NIGHT COMES, Hitt has appeared on TV (The Mysfits), the TV movie (Samuel Adams) and the feature films Holiday Road Trip and Neighbors.

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As Night Comes Theatrical Trailer

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As Night Comes First Trailer

Directed by
Richard Zelniker

Written by
Ryan Koehn & Richard Zelniker

Produced by
Richard Zelniker
Chris Monte
Mark Mannschreck
Jesse Kove

Director of Photography
Mark Mannschreck

Film Editor
Chris Monte

Music by
John Swihart

Music Supervisor
Heather Guibert
PJ Bloom

Production Designer
Paul Curzon

Line Producer
Joey Maloney

Associate Producer
Callie Nguyen Zelniker

Supervising Sound Editors,
and Sound Design by
Andrew Troy and Mike Forslund

Visual Effects Supervisor
Chris Jaros

Luke Baines
Myko Olivier
Evanne Friedmann
Jesse Kove
Ryan Shoos
Stacia Hitt
Jenna Marie Bowers
Moe Irvin
Kent Harper
Jesse Chevy
Lane Smith, Jr.
Bree Pavey
Angelo Tiffe

The Misfits
Andrew Baxter as Ozzy
Alexander Christiansen as John
Paulo Vincent Brown as Dillon

The Cops
Steve Crest as Deputy Shears
Rigo Obezo as Deputy Rigo
Joey Maloney as Station Deputy
Paul Curzon as Plainclothes Sheriff

Sara's Friends
Jess Ariel
Jordan Pittman
Savannah James

Weston Cage as Underground bouncer
Martin Kove as Projectionist


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