Senior Maxine “Max” Lathsaw has it all – good looks, the hottest boy in school, and the coveted spot as captain of her field hockey team. When nerdy new girl Jessica saves her from a potential school-wide humiliation, the two become unlikely friends. But little does Max know, it’s more than just her friendship that Jessica wants.

Status Pre-Production
Genre High School Teen Thriller
Director Richard Zelniker
Writers Callie Nguyen Zelniker and Richard Zelniker
Producers Richard Zelniker, Chris Monte, Billy Gardell, Jesse Kove




Director’s Statement

I hope BFF is entertaining, to audiences both young and old and in-between.

On the surface, it’s a throwback to the 90s thriller – visually slick, bright, shiny- but with the sometimes frenetic energy of youth infused in it. But scratch the surface, and there’s more– obsession, loneliness and isolation – and teen girls searching for identity. I love that our hero is a teen girl. Rarely these days do movies have true female heroes- even rarer a teen heroine. Usually if teen girls are depicted in films, they merely exist as the object of the male protagonist’s sexual desire. Max is a storm. She is fierce, smart, physically strong – and has the chutzpah to do what many are afraid to- crosses the invisible but powerful lines of the high school caste system and reaches out to an outcast. Jessica is a storm too- a quiet one, her eye spiraling, undetected by those to whom she is invisible.

Teens watching this film will identify with the struggles of these characters- or perhaps some of the characters might remind them of someone they know, and will make them take another look – with an open mind and open heart. Adults watching the film may be reminded of their own adolescence, perhaps fondly at times and painfully at other times.

As a piece of entertainment, it is a fun ride, but hopefully it’ll also be a movie that stays with you long after you leave the theater.

Being a teen has never been easy, but finding out who they truly are can add to the sometimes impossible challenge.

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