Love Her Madly



Cole Lazarus has the perfect life. Beautiful home, devoted wife, good job. And an occasional one-night stand. Which pretty much works for him until one day he discovers that his lovely wife has unwittingly invited one of his peccadilloes into their home as a temporary houseguest. Set against the pseudo-utopian world of suburbia, Love Her Madly is a family man’s ultimate nightmare of madness, mayhem and murder. It’s a case where everyone is literally stabbing the other in the back – and let’s not forget sleeping with each another.

Status Future Project
Genre Black Comedy


Director’s Statement

Love Her Madly is a very twisted black comedy in the vein of a classic Coen Brothers picture. It is about a treacherously bored housewife, her cheating salesman husband, his cynical teenage daughter, and the Lolita-esque girl who comes into town and rattles their mundane suburban lives. With each character living a quietly desperate and secretive life, their individual agendas manifest in an amusingly bizarre mixture of family dynamics.

In the picturesque setting of perfectly manicured lawns and 4000-square-foot homes with gleaming SUVs and BMWs in the driveway and glistening pools in the backyard, Love Her Madly is a satirical portrait of modern suburbia with a new twist on family dysfunction. Its dark characters, glossy setting and twisty story of betrayal and deception allow me the opportunity to create hyper-real, exaggerated images with saturated colors to fortify the bleak but darkly amusing tone I hope to highlight.

Behind its dark humor and outrageous characters, I believe is an inevitable truth about all the hypocrisy, lies and human crimes we endure in our daily lives.


Love Her Madly Lookbook


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