Jesse Kove of AS NIGHT COMES in ‘Chariots of Fire’ Sequel

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LONDON — Joseph Fiennes, who was BAFTA nominated for “Shakespeare in Love,” has taken the role of Scottish runner and devout Christian Eric Liddell in “The Last Race,” which plays like an unofficial sequel to …


Jesse Kove co-stars with Joseph Fiennes in “The Last Race”

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The Scottish runner Eric Liddell was immortalised in the classic film Chariots of Fire, and now 34 years after the Oscar-winning movie, an unofficial sequel of sorts is on the starting line. The original film, …


“The Last Race” Begins Shooting with Jesse Kove of AS NIGHT COMES

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We are Happy to announce that we did some casting on THE LAST RACE – a film about the next chapter of Eric Liddell’s life. The man that CHARIOT’S OF FIRE was made about. Another …


First Look Review – AS NIGHT COMES

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Writer/Director Richard Zelniker’s As Night Comes crackles with adolescent urgency and the simmering frustrations of teenage alienation. Having recently moved across the country to L.A., Sean (Myko Olivier) is an outsider, a small fish unable …


Luke Baines Joins Wes Craven-produced Thriller The Girl in the Photographs

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Early this year we learned that genre favorite Wes Craven was set to produce his protégé Nick Simon’s indie thriller THE GIRL IN THE PHOTOGRAPHS, later learning that HAROLD AND KUMAR actor Kal Penn had …


The Gallows Offers a Hangman’s Noose in this Blood Red Trailer

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The Gallows is another horror film from Blumhouse Productions. Steeped in mystery, a teaser trailer has been released for the film. The clip shows a hangman, a noose and a terrified young woman. The Gallows …


As Night Comes star Myko Olivier now featured on Glee

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luke baines

Interview: Actor Luke Baines talks ‘As Night Comes’ – AXS Entertainment

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On Dec. 15, the Chico Movie Examiner conducted an over-the-phone interview with Luke Baines about his first leading role in a film called “As Night Comes.” The film is now available to watch on VOD. …


Young Hollywood on KFI 640AM Bill Carroll with Jesse Kove – As Night Comes

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Hollywood producer-actor Jesse Kove talks about his latest movie AS NIGHT COMES with KFI AM640 radio talk show host Bill Carroll. Kove talks about growing up in Hollywood and choosing a career in entertainment. They …


Rebellious Teens Romp and Rave in Exclusive ‘As Night Comes’ – Indie Wire

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Seen through the eyes of teenagers trying to find their identity, “As Night Comes” follows troubled new kid Sean Holloway (Myko Olivier), who falls in with a group of teenage outcasts called “The Misfits,” and …