Set in the sexy, turbulent world of early 90’s rock ‘n’ roll, Vinyl is the coming-of-age story of five women and their intimate relationships with the members of a band that is on the cusp of success. This group of friends and lovers is confronted with making potentially life-altering choices concerning their futures, their commitments to each other, and their own personal struggles. Whatever decisions they make, everything is going to change forever.

Status Pre-Production
Genre Ensemble Drama Comedy
Director Richard Zelniker
Writer Richard Zelniker
Producers Richard Zelniker, Chris Monte, Billy Gardell


Director’s Statement

VINYL, the story of five women in relationships with members of a struggling bar band, is a film driven by plot turns that are born out of character choices. The interaction between the women and their relationships to each other and the band members, in the band’s frantic climb to stardom, gives me the rare opportunity to take an audience into the authentic world of bar bands and their lovers.

My vision for the film is to create a story of intersecting lives on and off the rock’n’roll stage. Each character has a distinct voice and very defined conflicts, and complexities arise as they make choices that not only lead them down uncertain paths, but that deeply impact and can sometimes profoundly bruise those closest to them. And life is just that – a series of choices we are faced with making at any given moment on any given day.

Watching the interwoven stories of Vinyl, the viewer will be drawn into the characters’ flawed world as they journey through the often surprising and precarious shifts in their lives.

Los Angeles is a key setting for Vinyl. Its geography, its weather, its club scene and lifestyle – tinged with the hollowness of celebrity worship and emulation – provides one of the backdrops and a theme for the film; LA is a place where dreams are born, and can either flourish or die.

LA’s local music scene also serves as a key backdrop for the film and will provide me with the edge to transition fluidly through the intersecting storylines in a bold and effective way. As well, an inventive sound design, combined with imagery of the city’s unique landscape, will also drive the action forward and take us to the film’s final climax.

In the end, what most appeals to me about filmmaking is strong storytelling – development of complex characters and rich, layered dialogue, combined with honest, bold acting and simple yet powerful imagery. This speaks to the very spirit of Vinyl – a clean visual and sound template that will serve to tell the story of ten young people who are trying to find their place in the world at the crossroads in their personal and professional lives.

For me, this is truly my valentine to the music in all our lives.

Vinyl Lookbook


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